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Our vision of the 3D printing industry

Nowadays, people understand that the environmental impacts of new industries should be as small as possible to preserve Earth for generations to come. 

3D printing is one of the most promising industry in development, it opens new possibilities in a lot of fields such as aeronautics, biomedical, designs, and many others. This industry will bring a lot of improvements to people, but 3D printed objects are made with different plastics, and these material have a terrible impact on the environment. Indeed, only a small proportion of plastic waste are well recycled and reused during ten to fifteen cycle as they should be, the rest are incinerated or placed in landfills. Moreover, a huge quantity of plastic never reaches recycling bin and ends in nature which represents a critical pollution problem.

Our solution

NefilaTek is a new company that makes Eco-friendly 3D printing filament from recycled plastic. The idea is to decrease the environmental impact of the 3D printing industry by making high-quality filament from plastic waste from Montreal. Reconditioning used plastic into useful objects is the main challenge of our time to reduce plastic pollution and overproduction.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

Comparaison of the impact on the environment between 1 kg of recycled and virgin filament realized. (Open Ica + EcoInvent)

Our team

                                                                                      Bastien (founder) and Angel (associate&engineer) of Nefilatek.