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Nefila HIPS Black

(3 customer reviews)


Nefila HIPS is a filament made from recycled plastic extracted from electronic waste in Montreal. The filament is made with HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) which allows impact and heat resistant 3D printings. The printing parameters are similar to ABS and almost all 3D printers are compatible with NEFILA HIPS (A heating bed is mandatory).

The filament has industrial diameter tolerance: 1.75 +/- 0.05 mm and 2.85 +/-0.08 mm

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Technical sheet:

Printing Parameters :

  • Nozzle temperature: 255 °C
  • Heated print bed temperature: 100-110 °C
  • Cooling fan power: 30-50 %
  • Printing speed: 40-80 mm/s

HIPS properties:

  • HIPS is a good alternative to ABS, it is easier to print and it presents less wrapping when the 3D printer is placed inside an enclosure.


  • HIPS can be dissolved with D-limonene or Terebenthine oil and hence used to print support for specific 3D prints.

Packaging :

Not only our filament is eco-friendly, our packaging too. We designed our own spool support inspired by the “Master Spool” which is indefinitely reusable. The only part that you cannot reuse is the filament support, but you can still turn it into a flower pot or put it in your failed print bin (it is printed with 100% recycled Nefila HIPS). For sending we pack the spools under vacuum to protect the filament from humidity.

You can print your own Nefila spool (support) by clicking on this link :

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 25 × 25 cm

1Kg, 500g

3 reviews for Nefila HIPS Black

  1. Josué

    Really good plastic.
    Good bed adhesion.
    I am mostly printing mechanical part and the mechanical properties of this plastic are really for now.
    Also, I like the black matte finish.

    Printed with Ender 3, Marlin 1.1.9, E3D V6 volcano Block

  2. tvaz

    This filament brings some really nice features: made from recycled material, locally produced, easy printing, and a lovelly matte finish. It might cost a little bit more than some PLA from China, but hey, this HIPS provides you with a good level of strength in very low infill settings, so do the math!

    I hope Nefilatek keeps the good work going.

  3. Atek

    We bought this filament to print parts that we printed in ABS before. We are a small company making a lot of parts at the same time on the bed with multiple printers.

    Before, with ABS, we had some fail due to bad bed adherence at start. With NefilaHIPS no fail anymore we gained a lot of precious time and parts are as strong as ABS. Plus the matte finish looks better with HIPS and its from recycled sources.

    We use the Prusa i3 MK3 and it’s perfect.

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