Recycled Nefila TPU – Natural (750g)


Our recycled Nefila TPU natural is a filament made in Montreal with plastic recycled from Industrial waste.

This recycled Nefila TPU is a flexible filament with a shore A96, it allows the user to print flexible objects that are almost unbreakable.

TPU is not the easiest filament to print but with this Shore, it should not be too challenging. You’ll need to be careful that your extruder extrudes the filament well (Double extruders are recommended) and use hairspray or glue in order to have a good bed adhesion.

It offers outstanding mechanical properties, a very nice matte surface finish, and allows you to print a lot of flexible objects such as :

  • Phone Case
  • Bracelet
  • Watch Strap
  • Vase (Unbreakable)
  • Flexible Case for everything (Gopro, Airpods, Drones)

Try it you’ll not regret it!

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